Lube filters

Lube filter is one of the most important elements in engine lubrication system. It aims at removing damaging oil contaminants, which negatively affect oil quality. They can be organic substances released during the combustion process and nonorganic substances such as dust and particles falling from worn-out engine parts. Thus, there are two main factors affecting the level of engine oil contamination:

  • mode of engine operation;
  • quality of fuel.

The service life of engine depends mostly on the purity of engine oil. It reduces friction, cools and cleans engine parts, inhibits corrosion, seals combustion chambers by protecting engine from premature wear. Dirty oil is not able to carry out fully its functions. As a result, the “heart” of vehicle is worn-out very quickly.

It is impossible to completely prevent oil from contamination. In some time it will become bad anyway, and the replacement will be required. However, the high-quality filter can slow down this process. Besides, it enhances the protection from oil additives. Filter should be replaced simultaneously with the oil change.

Advantages of Baldwin lube filters

Although all lube filters look similar, it does not mean that they all do their job equally well. Baldwin products have been on the market since 1936 and the name of this plant is time-tested. Baldwin filters clean oil in two ways:

  • some oil contaminants adhere to the filter media as the oil flows through it and solid particles do not plug the media pores;
  • other contaminants are trapped in the filter media pores.

Baldwin is the leader in the field of filter production. Advantages of products manufactured under this brand are obvious. First of all, Baldwin means:

  • perfect quality;
  • excellent performance;
  • reliability;
  • resistance to high physical loads;
  • relatively low price.

Lube filters for hydraulic-powered vehicles are also worth mentioning. Baldwin offers a wide range of filters for off-highway applications (tractors, cranes, trucks, concrete mixer, etc.) operating in harsh conditions.

Wholesale supplies of Baldwin lube filters to Kazakhstan, Russia and other CIS countries

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