Hydraulic filters

Hydraulic systems are used in almost all fields of industry in one way or another, that is why nowadays high-quality hydraulic filters are in great demand. First of all, it concerns the hydraulic filters for off-highway applications (farm machines, cranes, excavators, machine tooling units, hydraulic presses, manipulating equipment) as well as equipment for oil and gas extraction. Such filters belong to the category of highly tailored and high-technology products, so efficiency, not price, is the top priority in its selection.

Distinctive features of Baldwin hydraulic filters

To provide the sustained performance of hydraulic system, it is important to have clean fluid inside it and clean coming fluid. Different sediments such as sand, soot and metal particles damage hydraulic system.

Manufacturing high-quality hydraulic filters is one of the product lines of Baldwin Filters. Modern scientific development and technological achievements are used in the process of their production. Therefore, the distinctive feature of filters manufactured under this brand is the high efficiency, which allows to reach the highest level of filtration for the fluids used in hydraulic systems and increase the service life of these systems. Such results were achieved by blending different filtration medias:

  • synthetic media, with fibers that are uniform in size and shape. It creates the least possible resistance to flow, but improves tremendously the efficiency of filtration;
  • cellulose media, with twisted and irregular fibers. It creates more resistance to flow.

Such blend of fibers helped to accomplish two goals: to increase dirt-holding capacity and improve greatly the efficiency of filtration.

Baldwin manufactures the full range of filters (screwed or with removable filtering element), designed for hydraulic systems. Its product lines contain also assembly bases and status indicators embedded into the individual frame.

Wholesale supplies of Baldwin filters

Baldwin hydraulic systems are widely used in various fields of production, so they are in great demand in many countries. We offer wholesale supplies of Baldwin products to CIS countries, including Russia and Kazakhstan. As an authorized dealer of this company, Lemny Groves, Inc. can make exclusively profitable price offer for you. Not only our attractive price will make us interesting for you, but also the fastest delivery terms and the quality assurance for all products. Dynamic stock is one of our advantages; it is formed according to the need of our clients and makes it possible to shorten the delivery terms from two weeks to a couple of days. You will not find more beneficial conditions of cooperation than ours!


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