Fuel filters

Fuel filter is a very important element of internal-combustion engine. Its function is to remove various contaminants from the fuel that comes to fuel system. If filter does not work properly, injectors and carburetor become dirty faster than they used to. It results in poor engine performance, increased fuel consumption and decreased capacity. Dirty fuel filter can even prevent the vehicle from starting. Therefore, it is necessary to check and replace it with intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Fuel used in the territory of CIS countries is of bad quality and its purity leaves much to be desired. Thus, fuel filter replacement is recommended at least after each 20-30 thousand kilometers of mileage. For your information: the quantity of harmful additives contained in fuel is about 50 g for each 5 thousand kilometers of mileage. Diesel engines suffer from additives most of all, therefore there are strict requirements for their filters. It makes the filters for diesel engine cost more expensive than for gasoline one.

Advantages of Baldwin fuel filters

Baldwin’s filter is a reliable protection of all fuel system components, including injection pumps and injectors, from main contaminants such as:

  • water, which destroys lubricating properties of fuel, damages its filtration and flow at low temperatures, does harm to the units of fuel system;
  • fungus, mold and bacteria, which feed on hydrocarbons and spread rapidly in the presence of moisture;
  • black, solid, tar-like contaminants;
  • various non-combustible materials, which settle out of the fuel;
  • wax, which turns into gel during cold weather and causes slowing or stopping fuel flow.

Baldwin Filters is continuously improving the technologies used in the production of all supplied spare parts. Fuel filter manufactured under this brand is a result of the innovative development, it completely corresponds QS9000 and ISO9001 standards. Baldwin filters are suitable for off-highway applications and equipment operating in harsh conditions.

Wholesale supplies of Baldwin fuel filters

Lemny Groves, Inc. has been making direct supplies of Baldwin Filters products to Kazakhstan, Russia and other CIS countries for many years. As an authorized dealer of this plant, we can offer exclusively profitable terms of cooperation for wholesale buyers. First of all, we mean very competitive prices, the shortest terms of delivery and the quality assurance for all spare parts. A distinctive feature of our company is well thought-out logistics. We form a stock of products for each client to shorten the delivery terms. As a result, you will receive your order in 1-3 days instead of waiting for standard 2 weeks when working with other supplier.


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