Coolant filters

Coolant filters play significant role in the protection of engines. They carry out two functions: trap contaminants and distribute Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs). Chemical composition of SCAs depends on the characteristics of engine.

Baldwin’s advantages

Unlike the filters of other manufacturers, that can either release all the additives at once or, otherwise, release their insufficient quantity, Baldwin Controlled Release Filters allow additives to be released at an even rate, only when heat and coolant flow are present. Thus, they prevent the system from overcharging, that leads to additives drop out from the solution, as well as from cavitation erosion and corrosion caused by lack of additives.

Baldwin Filters utilizes two types of well balanced SCAs:

  • BTE™ is used instead of DCA2 for the systems operating with 30 to 60% ethylene or propylene glycol solutions;
  • BTA PLUS™ is a replacement for DCA4, developed for the systems with antifreeze levels ranging from 0 to 60% ethylene or propylene glycol solutions.

If liquid BTE and BTA PLUS additives are used, you can buy coolant filters without SCAs.

If your equipment does not have a coolant filter, you can add it to your system using a remote-mount coolant filter base (CFB5000).

In the process of equipment operation the reserve of additives is gradually reducing and in some time it becomes insufficient for proper protection of cooling system. It is caused by liner movement, the wear and tear of starting and stopping the engine, as well as by the presence of engine by-products, released during its operation. To avoid depleting of additives below the acceptable level, it is necessary to schedule maintenance and monitor regularly the coolant formulation. On this purpose, we recommend you a kit of FleetStrip Coolant Test Strips, that can be used to test all types of antifreezes (both ethylene and propylene glycol antifreezes).

Wholesale supplies of Baldwin Filters to CIS

Since Baldwin Coolant Filters are in great demand in CIS countries, we organized direct delivery of the products manufactured by this plant from US ports to Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. As an authorized dealer, we can offer incredibly beneficial terms of cooperation. Price is the main benefit in this case. Other key arguments in favor of your decision to work with Lemny Groves, Inc. are extremely fast delivery terms and quality assurance given for all supplied products. We can deliver your order within 1-3 days, because we have a dynamic stock, formed in accordance with the needs of our clients


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