Сabin Air filters

The high level of dust in the cabin air is very dangerous for both the health of driver and performance of equipment. It is a key problem for heavy-duty on- and off-highway applications, so the demand for cabin air filters keeps growing. There are two types of cabin air filters: anti-dust filters and active carbon filters.

Anti-dust cabin air filters are manufactured from pleated paper based on cellulose or synthetic fibers. They can trap not only dust, but also other small contaminants. If fiber was treated with chlorine, these filters can neutralize some bacteria.

Active carbon filters are more effective than paper ones. They can catch the particles with the size up to 1 micron. Such high level of filtration is provided by the absorption properties of carbon. Carbon filters clean the air from dust and different chemical substances, that are hazardous for people (nitrogen oxides, sulfur, compounds of benzene and phenol groups).

Advantages of Baldwin Cabin Air Filters

Baldwin company manufactures only high-quality filters that guarantee a high level of cabin air filtering. The distinctive features of Baldwin Cabin Air Filters are as follows:

  • they trap all possible types of pollutants, such as dust, pollen, bacteria, smoke, various airborne contaminants, additives and solid particles;
  • they provide passengers with reliable protection from dirty air entering the interior of a vehicle and reduce the risk of having allergies, nausea and headaches;
  • they increase the performance of air conditioning and heating systems, making them work with higher efficiency;
  • technical requirements of equipment producers are taken into account during the development of filters and it allows to achieve the maximum level of air cleaning;
  • their installation does not require any special knowledge and skills.

All products come with detailed installation instructions. They have information about the location of filter and the method of its replacement. Such filters are typically located under the hood, or behind or under the glove compartment, that is in the easy-to-access places.

It is recommended to change cabin air filters every 12-15 thousand miles. If they go unchanged for longer period, it can impair the health of driver and cause decreased performance in heating and air conditioning.

Wholesale supplies

Baldwin Cabin Air Filters are well-known in CIS countries, thus they are in great demand there. Lemny Groves, Inc. offers wholesale supplies of products manufactured by Baldwin Filters to Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. Working with the plant without middle companies and being its authorized dealer, we can implement very flexible price policy. Other indisputable benefits of cooperation with our company are logistics and dynamic stock; they allow shortening the terms of delivery from standard 2 weeks to 1-3 days.


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