Baldwin DAHL separators

Nowadays presence of water in fuel is a big problem. Existing fuel filters cannot properly do their job of removing water, because they are too porous. To reach the desirable level of filtering ability, it is necessary to use fuel filters-separators.

Peculiarities of the DAHL system

Baldwin DAHL separators, manufactured in the USA, are characterized by high efficiency in water separation and contaminant filtration. It was achieved by connecting dual-chamber 3-stage fuel filter with water separators and by the usage of patented depressurizer cone, which spreads the flow of the fuel and reduces pressure. This constructive solution allows reducing mechanical flow resistance. It is much higher than in the separators of other brands. As a result, fuel filters with DAHL water separators remove virtually 100% of the water. Most of other contaminants are filtered as well.

Advantages of utilizing Baldwin DAHL separators:

  • water is eliminated from fuel before reaching the fuel pump and injectors. This prevents the major cause of fuel injection system failure;
  • service life of fuel injection system is significantly prolonged;
  • presence of depressurizer cone and the extra paper in the filter element results in less frequent replacements of filter;
  • all products of DAHL series are thoroughly tested before going on sale, their performance is proved in the laboratory;
  • they are suitable for all types of equipment;
  • units designed for marine applications pass severe U.L. testing. They must meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements, so their long service life is guaranteed.

Wholesale supplies of Baldwin products

Baldwin DAHL separators can be used for both cars and various off-highway applications (heavy-duty trucks, excavating machinery, marine engines, generators, etc.). Universality and excellent performance cause great demand for the water separators of this brand. Lemny Groves, Inc. supplies regularly Baldwin products to CIS countries, including Russia and Kazakhstan. We work directly with the plant and deliver goods directly from the U.S. ports. It allows us to offer more competitive prices compared with other suppliers of similar products and provide exclusively beneficial terms of cooperation. Other our advantages are well thought-out logistics and dynamic stock formed according to the needs of client, which shortens the delivery terms to 1-3 days.


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