Air filters

A high-quality air filter is the reliable barrier protecting the engine from the air dust and dirt. Even small amount of them can cause serious damage to the engine. Air consumption of modern diesel engines exceeds the fuel consumption by several thousand times. In average, 15 thousand liters of air are required to burn 1 liter of fuel, so air filter undergoes very high load. If a turbocharger is added to the engine, air consumption requirements increase by 20% or more.

Peculiarities and advantages of Baldwin Filters

Baldwin Filters manufactures air filters designed for all types of engines. To improve dust holding capacity and air flow, Baldwin Filters uses two proven methods:

  • pleating filter media by using technology PermaPleat®, that forms dividers between pleats to prevent bunching and ensure uniform air flow;
  • a continuous bead of adhesive applied around the circumference of the filters metal wrap to prevent the pleat tips from movement.

This manufacturer has over 2,200 various modifications of air filters in its product line. A series of filters for high dust environments is worth mentioning. Such filters are remarkable for their high performance filtration and they ideally suit to various off-highway applications:

  • they are characterized by higher initial efficiency, which provides the best protection of engine and prevents it from premature wear;
  • they have greater capacity, which makes longer their service life.

Baldwin’s Extreme Performance Air Filters are manufactured by utilizing ProTura® nanofiber innovative technology. It enhances greatly their performance and allows trapping the fine contaminant particles.

Filter media features a lattice-like structure composed of submicron diameter fibers bonded to cellulose media. With nanotechnology, filters can capture submicron contaminants. As a result, flow restriction is lower, but initial contaminant removal efficiency is higher.

Submicron particles collect on the media surface and form a “cake” of dirt. Then vibration makes them fall from the media surface to the bottom of the housing on the dirty side of the filter. This process is continuously repeated. The housing dust ejector is used to remove the contaminant from the housing.

To distinguish Baldwin’s Extreme Performance Air Filters based on ProTura technology from the conventional filters, it is necessary to pay attention to the color of base sheet, which must be yellow. Identification numbers of such products contain an “XP” part number suffix.

Wholesales of Baldwin Filters products

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