About us

Lemny Groves, Inc. is an authorized dealer of the American plant Baldwin Filters. We make direct supplies of its products to all CIS countries including Russia and Kazakhstan.

Throughout our business activity, we gained the confidence of many large companies from various fields of industry and proved to be a reliable and reasonably priced supplier of high-quality filters and filtering elements for all types of off-highway applications. We make wholesale supplies of such filter types as:

Our clients are not only mining, metallurgical, chemical and building companies, but also the agricultural ones.

Why is it profitable to work with us?

Our company cares about its clients, thus we pay particular attention to logistics. We always choose the cheapest means of transport and think thoroughly over the route of goods delivery to the final destination. Dynamic stock, formed according to the needs of our clients, allows us to shorten the terms of delivery to 1-3 days instead of standard 10-15 days.